Medical Media

All our medical media magazines provides various articles about health, lifestyle, and allied segments on  a periodic basis. Though some of the articles in these magazines are very useful for Doctors and Nurses, these magazines are ideal for patient education. The health articles that we cover are usually backed by an expert group of medical editors and necessary research. Some of our medical magazines are available here for reference, similar initiatives can be custom developed which are in-line with the relevance and language of different geographies.

Our expeirenced  team of medical writers and editors have an intrinisc capability of developing Daily conference or event based News Papers for any region in any language. The medical news articles that we custom-write for respective conferences will be as per the guidelines and in accordance to the defined standars of the editorial teams or committees of those respective conference news papers. Overall, conference or event based news papers will be custom created with articles that have infographics, images, captions, etc. Finally a print, web or app ready file can be provided overnight in case the same has to be printed.

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Doctors on Call (NDTV)

Medical Magazines

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