In the last decade clinical medicine has witnessed rapid strides forward. The pattern, profile and presentation of the diseases is changing fast. Accordingly, every practising doctor has a challenge of keeping abreast with these latest advances in diagnosis and management of diseases. Given the magnitude of Heart Failure 2022 annual congress, it would have been impossible for delegates to attend all the sessions held concurrently in several halls. Therefore from that perspective 100 selected talks presented during this annual meeting have been reviewed and re-written as Highlights articles for the benefit of readers, thereby providing them with a quick presentation-wise insight into work presented at this conference.

As you all know, Heart failure has a high mortality and has a significant social & economic burden on societies. Therefore it is of paramount importance to continuously understand this silent epidemic. This important first of its kind Highlights of Heart Failure 2022 publication, therefore contains 100 highlights articles, each of these article is based on a talk presented by respective esteemed speakers during this congress.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my colleague Dr. Giuseppe Rosano, for reviewing the 100 selected presentations and developing highlights articles of the same and succinctly summarising each presentation in a page, such that the talks presented during this meeting can be browsed quickly by merely flipping a page. I personally am very excited about this unique book because it has the potential to be carried forward and propagated throughout the medical community globally.

I sincerely hope that this endeavour will turn out to be an outstanding and lasting resource for clinicians worldwide.

Andrew Coats
President – Heart Failure Association of the ESC
Director – Monash Warwick Alliance

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